Open back headphones

Hi, im looking for new headphones. I want to switch from closed back headphones to open headphones.
I know its not the same but im looking for something which is open and have some bass. I listen any kind of music but when electronic music comes i would like to have some bass (just dont want very light bass)

•My budget is like +/- 200$.

•Will HiFiMAN HE400i be good?

I would say that you would probably like the 400i/4xx or the sennheiser hd58x, both great headphones for the price. I would say that the hifiman would have the better bass, but you might need a headphone amp, and is good for electronic music

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open and some bass if you have a $100 amp like the liquid spark or the atom then I would say the 4xx or 400i is a good choice but the 58x would be better if you dont


My source is FX Audio DAC-X6, is it enough for he400i?

~I read a bit on the internet and some people say that he400i are bad with bass and there is little of it… idk im confused.

The bass on the 400i isn’t as boosted as some headphones, but instead its really good quality bass. I think the dac x6 should be fine, and if you ever wanted more performance, you could always get something like a liquid spark and use the dac x6’s rca outs

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Hmm… i still cant decide. I would like to switch for open back headphones cuz of their soundstage and clarity of vocals but my all previous headphones was closed back and and I’m afraid I won’t like them.
Maybe i should buy closed back with decent soundstage? Is it possible to find something like that?

Well, the dt770 pro 250 ohm has some great subbass and is wider then normal for a closed back, but open back will typically yield better soundstage

What headphones have you had?

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I had hyperx cloud and now ATH-M50X and i want to try something different.
Once when I was buying my first iem’s I decided on tin audio t2 but people said they are not bassy so people who like bass wont like them… i got them and i was like wow they are so good with bass. idk is that good compare but i hope he400i will be the same (i mean will be enough bass for me)

The he400i should have plenty of bass then. It’s going to be different bass, as it’s going to be tighter and more accurate, but I don’t think it will be lacking once you get used to wearing it for a couple of days

Also I didn’t think the t2’s were light on bass, thought they were pretty good

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I always can return he400i when i wont like them.
T2 surprised me and i hope 400i will do the same :smiley:

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

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