Open back to complement Fostex TR-X00

Title pretty much says it all. I have the Monoprice THX desktop DAC/amp so power shouldn’t be a problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So what type of sound are you looking for then? What music do you listen to?

I suppose I’m looking for soundstage, primarily; I like forward mids (after playing with some EQs).
As for music, I listen to basically everything (sorry…) but I think ‘fun’ stuff – pop, hip-hop, R&B – is taken care of by the Fostex. I find them a bit lacking for more ‘quiet’ stuff like classical, jazz, and simple vocal arrangements.

What budget are you thinking? You have lots of options available to you

I was thinking in $500-ish region. Although, I’m not opposed to a little higher or lower if it does the job.

Hmmm, I am really thinking the elex imo. It’s a very even sound, with a really good imaging and soundstage. Lots of detail throughout the range, and large dynamic range, it’s a very refined headphone, so the elex for refined the fostex for fun imo

Yeah, I think I might have to go for them. Just hope it stays $600 until March when I’m in the states… I don’t fancy the 20% VAT to get it through customs!
Thanks for the help and happy listening!

No problem, if it ends up not being an option, there are alternatives for sure, hopefully you can get a hold of them :+1:

If you have any questions just ask

Would the Focal Elex sound thin or bass-light compared to the X00? Can they deliver enough punch to keep an X00 owner satisfied?

I think they can because of their quality, they don’t have the slam or volume of an x00, but I am fairly satisfied with the low end of the elex once you get used to the sound. It is very tight, clean, and detailed bass but still enjoyable

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What about the Koss 95x? I can actually get them in the UK…

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It’s pretty nice, fairly different to have. I like mine, but I do think the elex is better overall if you can get one, but the 95x has a more unique estat sound so if that sounds interesting to you then it might be worth looking into imo

And the focal certainly seem better made. Far better made!

Yes the 95x feels pretty dang cheap, although it is comfortable and sounds pretty good too, but build is not a strong point