Open back vs Closed back

weird one here
is there smth wrong with my ears, if I do not enjoy open back headphones?
I’ve tried a couple of them when shopping for a new pair and I did not like it (HD600/660, K712 Pro)
So I ended up buying Meze 99 Classics, I really love them
That was over a year ago, recently I was wondering maybe I should try again… :smiley:
But I don’t know, it’s weird, I feel like it’s going to be the same thing

I also have T50RP MK3 (semi open, but I like it) and Momentum M2 over ear

probably the sound signature is what you dont like. the HD600, 660 and k712 are more neutral with recessed bass. while the 99’s have more of a fun bassy sound signature. nothing wrong with your ears they just have a preference


No. All good.

What are you using to drive your headphones? May be an “amp problem” to make your headphones perform their best.

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hey, thanks for your reply
I am using SMSL M3 dac/amp combo…Nothing fancy… =)

Could you propose a better amp?

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Given what you like it’s more likely to be the elevated bass that appeals to you.
I don’t think changing amps/DAC’s will change that.
Generally at lower price points closed backs sound more in your head, and people tend to prefer the more “open” sound of open backs. But closed backs tend to have more substantial bass reproduction.
It’s all personal preference.

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Your probably just into somethingore bassy. Open backs tend to struggle to do good bass heavy sound due to the design. Music pairing is also really important and the classics probably pair well to your tastes

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