Opinions on LTYIVABHTTW pads?

I’m looking for pads for SHP9500s and possibly my DT770 Pro. The stock pads on the 9500s aren’t quite deep enough for long use after about a year of heavy gaming. The ear rubbing is getting too intense. I was wondering if anyone has experience with any of the LTYIVABHTTW brand pads sold on Amazon US. I am trying to avoid too much change to the sound quality because I absolutely love them.

Thanks. -CNV

changing the pads will affect the sound…deeper likely meaning you’ll end up with more bass.

Understood. I’m just not trying to muddy the mids in the process.

I opted for the SHURE HPAEC1840 pads. Way better in the comfort department! To my ear they seem a little less bright but it brought up the soundstage a little. I also have the Brainwavz Gaming Earpads on the way. I’ll test those and see which ones I want to stick with. I bought both sets of pad adapters from ModHouse and they work like a charm.