Opinions on SMSL D300

bought this dac for myself for christmas. As this is my first DAC ever for me, i dont know if im hearing crap or something wonderful lol.

anyone have any insight on this dac, i understand it is fairly new

bought on amazon, just thought if many ppl say its not good, i can still return it before end of jan.

i like it so far, but like i said i don’t have experienced ears.

That looks to be a pretty new product with a nice set of features. I have not heard that DAC chip (Rohm BD34301EKV) to know what it sounds like myself, not sure how many have yet to be honest.

When you are just starting out you don’t really have a whole lot to compare against. It is tough I spent (still spending) way too much money trying to sort it out too quickly - There is always going to be something better, that is a given. Do you need it or not is another question…

Personally my advice would be if you like the way it sounds and the features it has - Don’t worry about what others say or think and Don’t overthink it yourself - Use it enjoy it until there comes a time where it is not doing something you need or want, and or you’ve heard something different that you like better etc., etc…

There is a really good chance this will not be your last DAC so again, use it & enjoy it, learn its sound signature and what features you like. Also, try to listen to other DACs and setups if you can, build up some reference points and then when you look for something different you will have better idea for what to look for if you decide you want to go there, or you may realize you are perfectly happy with what you have.

Enjoy the adventure and most of all Enjoy the Music!


I can only recommend SMSL D300, the sound is very good, almost like the best multibit DACs.From the sound texture sounds pretty similar to AD1862.
He needs about a week to warm up, after that he sounds in the highest league, so Sabre and AKM are significantly worse in comparison.

HPC Disable
Filter Slow
Only Balanced Outputs