Oppo HA-2 SE -- Cable Issue

I have had a HA-2 SE for a few years. I love it, other than one thing. The USB connectivity with my phone is bad. The included USB-USB cable is useless. The cable is loose at both the phone and unit. So I can’t use it unless I hold it carefully and certainly not in my pocket.

Where can I find a USB cable that will work properly? I would like it “vertical” rather than “horizontal”, so my phone can sit on top or underneath. Or just a very flexible cable, not stiff like the HA-2 cable.

Another small issue I’ve noticed is, on my headphones I can hear a short sound signal every few seconds through my HA-2. It’s possibly only when no audio is being played?

What model phone are you using…Apple or Android?

If you mean the short non-charging micro-to-micro cable, yeah, it’s stiff AF for the role it’s supposed to play, and it can be expected to break electrically within like a year.

Direct replacements with softer build I haven’t seen anywhere, primarily because of its unusual structure of having OTG micro connectors at both ends. So after an attempt to splice together the cables of two regular OTG cables and getting something very flimsy that will break in maybe a month or so :P, what I went with was a series of OTG adapter -> male-male full-size USB-A -> OTG adapter (and bought 2 of each just to have spares).

One OTG is a short stick-like thing helping to keep the whole chain shorter, and the other is a regular 15-cm OTG that allows for a 180 bend so I can use this with the phone and HA-2 stacked.

Yikes. I’ll see if I can find out how to make a cable.

Fiio CL06 works for me.

Even when in pocket?

I’ll buy one.

I got the CL06 and it works 100% very well. Thanks

I think the problem was actually my old phone had a lot of lint in the USB port. I cleaned it away using a toothpick, but I have a new phone and it would probably work fine with the stock cable, but I’m using the CL06 at the moment.