Oppo HA-2 SE Upgrade

Hello there Im looking for an upgrade to my Oppo HA-2 SE. Is it still viable these days or has some other portable DAC-AMP combo beats it in around the $200 category?

Imo it’s still pretty solid and I think you would be looking in around the 500 ish range for an upgrade to it, the oppo is still pretty desirable

I see, is the Monoprice THX portable or the Fiio Q5s a good upgrade then?

Imo I prefer the ha2se over the thx, and I think the fiio is on a similar tier as the oppo, but the fiio does have a fair bit more features imo. I think you would be looking at something like a chord mojo or ifi idsd micro bl as a solid upgrade

Ahhhh Ok then. Thanks mate for the recommendations.