Options for enhanced volume control?

one notch from zero sound on my phone is still too loud for my brain to settle and relax to sleep at night.

any suggestions on how to drop it further?

An inline resistor should lower the volume what is the impedance of the set you are using?

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a variable pot?

NAD Visio HP50, impedance is 37 ohms.


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I’ll need to get a short 6’ cable to go between that and my ear cup… or perhaps find a complete replacement cable with volume control.

i’d be a little worried about having the volume control too close when you’re sleeping. roll over on it and you’re instantly not sleeping anymore lol.


Hardware: Something like an iFi iEMatch or an cheap impedance adapter from Aliexpress? Depending on the headphone / IEM it could increase the bass though.

Software: Does Your player software have an EQ? Then just give it a few -dB on the preamp. Something like “Power amp equalizer” could do this system wide (Android)

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@Marzipan if you get a inline resistor likeI linked above you still only use your phone as the volume control, it has a minimal footprint, cheap and no chance of accidentally adjusting the volume while sleeping like an inline pot :+1:

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And luckily this headphone doesn’t seem to mind the higher output impedance at all.


any idea what impedance I would want to go with?

sure would be nice / convenient if you could buy a kit with them all :stuck_out_tongue:

Prolly the 200ohm that should do it…do you have any other higher impedance sets you can try to see how they respond first?

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no… just HD599se n my NHC.

I have been thinking of IEMs. I wonder if anyone makes a cable with a volume dial that can lock.

still can’t decide on what IEMs to go for tho. something good for orchestral, particularly the strings with good soundstage. its a bit uncomfortable feeling like the sound is in the middle of my head like the HP50’s are.

the ZEX Pro caught my eye.