Order your Unique Melody Tips here

Andrew from MusicTeck got back to me tonight with a link to purchase the Unique Melody MEST MKII tips…

They’re not even expensive and Andrew said they’ll handle shipping.


Free shipping is very generous. Ordered some M!

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I ordered 10 sets. I just went with standard (free) shipping. I usually get items from MusicTeck the next day after I order them.

"Thanks for letting me know! You can order spare eartips from here: UM Blue Heart Silicone Eartips (one pair) – MusicTeck

We will cover shipping.


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No standard shipping cuz I live in SEA here, was expecting this since their warehouse is at New Jersey.

Gotchya. Sorry. I live in New York maybe 4 hours away from them. :slight_smile:


You mean Southeast Asian?

I found them on Taobao

1.0微rMfbXpATGX6哈 https://m.tb.cn/h.fXjfJBm?sm=008c48




@Resolution Thanks for the work!

Gotta ask. I know you like softer tips. Guessing these are up your alley? They look like they have similar exterior texture to Sony tips, but are they the same flexible nature? Sony and Spinfits are my jam~

For anyone wondering, found this pic from the Taobao for sizing:

Small: 11mm
Medium: 12.5mm
Large: 13.6mm


Interesting, the M size are like CP145 M size, which caused me pain the last time I used them so I really want these to be soft.

Damn, i really wanna try this, but paying 50usd shipping is a no go. Maybe if I order something from there in the future.



These are up my alley. These are wide bore, so they do very little to have any influence on the sound coming from the IEM. The sheath material is pretty ideal vs everything I’ve ever tried. It’s extremely thin and flexible but not stretchy.

I have a difficult time getting tips to seal for me and yet, these work.

In addition, they are not gummy/soft like some other tips can be so the seal they create isn’t as tight as I’ve experienced with other tips but that kind of seal can get uncomfortable.

On my wish list for these… I wish the nozzle material was a bit softer and I wish the sheath was a little longer. Nothing is perfect.

The nozzle is not soft. The nozzle is quite hard. The sheath is very soft and flexible but not gummy.


Awesome! Thank you so much! :+1:

Ordered. :raised_hands: Worth checking out from what you say. 12.5mm is sometimes a touch too large, but with the free shipping worth a shot.

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