Ordered some fearless IEMs, now how long do they take to arrive?

purchased S8F… for those that have ordered, how long did they take from the day you ordered to when they arrived?

its been 3 days and I have yet to receive an email confirmation or anything (I think amazon has messed up my expectations on shipment, cuz i want it noww. haha)

This was my reply from Linsoul when I was looking into getting that set…

“Thanks for you email and we are glad to know you want our S8 freedom earphone, and it usually takes around 7-15 days for the earphone to be producted, and 7-10business days for arrival after it is shipped.”

This was to the UK mind :+1:

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I would honestly brace yourself for a longer wait. They’re fresh off of the new year holiday in addition to the outbreak. I say add an additional 2-3 weeks on top of what they list currently.

In the mean time, pick up a pair of Fiio FH1S ($60) to compliment your S8F. It’s a nice “ying” to the S8’s “yang” and you can probably get it tomorrow if you have Amazon Prime.

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