OriGen G2 or Fiio K3?


I have a pair of 58x Jubilees and I am looking to get my first amp/dac combo. I was settled on the Fiio Q1 Mk II, but i was thinking and I don’t really need portable. I don’t really want to carry more stuff when I go out to coffee shops and do homework when I can just use my airpods and that’s it, I realized I can do my hardcore listening in my dorm. I know Zeos loves the G2, and in his K3 video he said it was comparable, if not better than the G2. I wanted to ask if those are still viable options (because as of posting they are both 109.99, which is my absolute max), and if there was anything similar or better than those within the same price range. Thanks

I personally think the k3 is better than the G2 imo. The G2 was pretty good when it came out, but now that the k3 is out I think the k3 is the better choice.

If you added an extra 50 bucks to that, the fiio k5 pro is a higher tier of performance that I think is a fair bit more capable imo

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The G2 just has an amazing form factor. I love it.

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do you have any experience with the K3?

I heard Zeos say that the G2 is surprisingly powerful

The main issue is that it’s not that clean of an amp and kinda suffers from some distortion

really? he said that when he turned it up all the way he didn’t hear any.
I love the way the G2 looks and how it tells you what file size your listening to and everything but if its not that clean then that sucks

I mean it would be fine for a 58x, but with some headphones it can be a bit underwhelming, I just personally prefer the k3 because imo it has a better dac with more features

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yeah that’s true. i’ll make a decision, thanks

I can’t speak to how well it works with any high end headphones, but it worked just fine as a DAC for my ATH-M50’s without any distortion or noise.

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