Oriveti IEMs - A brand with talent

Being a newcomer on this platform, I have noticed that Oriveti did not enjoy the exposure they deserve. It feels right to correct it right away.

I am not affiliated with Oriveti, just a happy and highly satisfied customer. I invite you to take a closer look at their offering. They don’t release a lot of stuff, but they are really thinking about what they are doing. Their packaging and accessories are from very high standard considered the entry ticket.

I used to own the OH500 (1DD/4BA) and unfortunately let it go for financial reasons last year. Today, my daily driver are the O400 (4BA), along with the Dunu ZEN and a CIEM made in my country (Switzerland). The tuning of the O400 is amazing for a set of BA-only IEM. The sub-bass is real and the transition to the mids is perfect. Mid-bass is attenuated as much as possible, allowing a sense of naturalness, which is really impressive. The mids are neither forward nor recessed and the vocals are full and well-textured. In the high-register, even if the freq graph tends to show an elevated lower treble, the sound remains smooth and not sibilant or artificially extended.

Here are some pictures of my beloved O400, with a Satin Audio 10 braid cable and the Calyx M. I also add a freq graph:

From 200hz, the grey line applies as the graph has been DF target compensated.


That Calyx :heart:

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Don’t mention, this is my favourite DAP by quite a margin. I have an untouched/under blister spare set with the x-batt module. Just in case I have to spend the rest of my life in a bunker ahahah

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Forgot to post an image from the package. This is a USD 399.- IEM set. Not only are the tuning and the built quality impressive, but the package is top notch too.

Great photos! Well done :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate, the one with the packaging is not mine as well as the graph. Joining the platform is refreshing. You gave me a good advice. Looking forward to spending more time around.

Wish I could try one. HBB speaks highly of it.

Would love to see how this compares to Teas :slight_smile:

From the Calyx?

Yeah. Think he has a stashed one as well :slight_smile:

The Calyx M is one of those special devices… that’s true

Its a great DAP, just the battery killed it I think. Otherwise it would be talked about way more imo. From memory it sounded really good!

Hence the X-Batt module which brings the battery to “acceptable” level. I get 6 hours most of the time. Worth mentioning also: I never encountered major problem with mine since April 2019 (date of purchase). But yes, you are right, this is a DAP with its cons and battery life most likely is at the top of the list.

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Good to see it still has a following!! :+1:

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if you just compare this pure on sound this beats alot of other expensive DAPS out of the water! Wow 6 hours is alot (for this one). I remember battery life way worse than that but don’t know X-Batt module. But enjoy!!

EDIT: actually ima look up for X-Batt module (6 hours is pretty reasonable). Its one of those forgotten what if/could be DAPS for me. Thanks for the reminder!

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Oriveti will send me their upcoming new flagship next week on loan, the OV800. 8-drivers with a switch. Cannot tell about drivers configuration or the switch(es), but excited to hear how their special sauce sounds this time.


Looking forward. Wanna see some spicy pics :smirk:

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Ok guys, I got the OV800 this morning… goosebumps modus since a hour. Look at these beauties and this graph, exactly my dope. More to come on due time:


Wowa, nice pics. The graph/switches are interesting, waiting for your impressions :slight_smile:

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