Oriveti IEMs - A brand with talent

Any impressions for us. Would love to know your take on the iem.

Oh yes!! Will be listening to them for an extended period today. Will share my impressions in few hours

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My impressions of Oriveti Dynabird:

I found its V-shaped sound signature to be engaging and fun, particularly with its deep and controlled sub-bass that offers a visceral rumble without overwhelming the overall sound. The quantity of sub-bass can be 1-2db more. The mid-bass is tight and punchy, maintaining good speed and clarity. The midrange is slightly recessed, with male vocals lacking some warmth while female vocals are forward and energetic, though instruments can occasionally sound metallic around the 6-7kHz peak, leading to a hint of sibilance. The treble is airy and open but features a notable peak that might be fatiguing for some listeners, causing cymbals to sound splashy at times. Despite this, the detail retrieval is solid. The soundstage is spacious with decent width and height, though the imaging could be sharper. The build quality is impressive, with CNC-milled aluminum shells providing durability and a premium feel, although the fit can be uncomfortable after extended use due to sharp edges. The included cable is good but not exceptional compared to other offerings in the same price range. Overall, the Dynabird is a strong contender for those who enjoy a V-shaped tuning with strong bass and open treble, though it may not be ideal for those sensitive to treble peaks or seeking the most natural midrange presentation.


Have you tried tip rolling?

Does it have more midbass than subbass?

short and sweet. It would be good if you can include the source information as well :slight_smile:

I used it with Dita Navigator/RME ADI 2 Pro/D16/Qudelix T-71.

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