Output impedance issues?

Hi, I need some help…
My guitar combo headphone out sounds pretty shit on all of my gear.

The BLON-01 with 16 Ohms is definitely the worst, 1MORE triple over-ear (32Ohms) is much better, but still definitely distorted. Nicehck Nx7 mk3 sounds best with its impedance rating of 58 Ohms, still has something weird to its sound, it sounds a little fuzzy.

Probably the image of 250Ohm Beyers hooked up to it should be a red flag…
Any suggestions what to do?
Are some higher impedance cans the only option to make it sound “normal”?
…or should i just give up?

I didnt find any specs for its headphone out, but the jack is named “emulated out/phones”.

I think you’ve probably diagnosed this very well. I wonder if the 250ohm Beyers would get sufficient drive off of it. I also couldn’t find any specs. The quality of the headphone output is probably not great overall, but the bass section of these low-imp/sensitive devices is probably jacked because of the OI issue you suspect.

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Well, it teoreticaly is a speaker amp…
So the cleanliness of the signal is another thing, I dont really know if it just suffers from high OI or if it is dirty amp in the first place.

Solved it :rofl: