Over ear. Need your help. (Sub300€)


I was looking for an over ear type headphone, no matter if it is open or closed, but that fits my preferences of use and enjoyment.
Please, I don’t want it to be “good” I just want it to fit what I ask for. I want them for music enjoyment. I am not a basshead.

-70% music. Styles: 80’s-90’s pop, dance, acoustic, BSO, Spanish indie, some typical international rock and ambient music.
-30% movies.

Headphones I have tried.

Sundara: I tried it with the hip dac, I liked it but I liked the m1060 better. I’m not looking for it to be better, I repeat, I’m looking for it to be more enjoyable. Maybe the brighter mids of the m1060 is what convinced me, I don’t know.
Maybe it will lack more amplification. I understand that people like it but I prefer others (and more taking into account that they are over 340€).

M1060: Very fun sound, very big sound. It is quite efficient. Problem, it lacked cleanliness. It was a bit grainy and a bit dirty. I found the hd560s to be better.

Hd560s: It is a complete headset. Correct tonality, clean and comfortable. Problem, I don’t find it as enjoyable. For audio work I’d say it’s one of the best options under €500 but for enjoyment it’s not. However, I was using it until the Sivga Robin arrived.

Sivga Robin: I loved it. Simply spectacular. Clean sound, good tonality, good scene, comfort of 10, doesn’t need a lot of amplification power.
Do you recommend any other option?

Thank you!

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What does Harmonicdyne Zeus run you there?

I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but if you like the Sivga, why are you thinking about changing them?

As far as I have read the Sivga are considered very bass elevated. Some people love them some consider them too extreme. That would explain why you would have enjoyed the Sundara and the 560s.

I don’t think that you are going to find noticeable step between the Sivga and what you could find around the 300€. Next step would be probably better. Maybe a Fostex TH610. Look for reviews, they seem pretty good. I have the Fostex Ebony and I really like them. There’s a guy selling them on Wallapop or the market place on auriculares-hifi, if you are from Spain.

Because I’m an idiot. You enter this world and instead of enjoying yourself, you are thinking about making improvements and improvements.
Regarding the sivga, no, they don’t have exaggerated bass. In fact in quantity I would say they are similar to the hd560s and the Sundara but in the latter they are deeper and I would say they have more feel.
The Sundara I think needed more amplification than I gave it, that’s why I liked it less. However, I think that in 2021 headphones and technology should try to focus on both sound quality and energy efficiency.
The sivga is a headphone that you put on and everything sounds good. The sound stage I would say is bigger than the Sundara.

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Yeah, hehehe I know the feeling :slight_smile: you enter the rabbit hole and start the search for better sound. That’s until you get something you really like and stop for a while, until the itch starts again…

In any case, what’s your source? Have you tried using some EQ to adjust it to your personal preferences? In terms of IEMS, for example, I have the Clairvoyance and I find the to be too neutral for me to enjoy them. Adding some EQ with Wavelet has helped a lot. I am also looking to add a Lokius, when I have some spare money.

Right now I am enjoying the Modhouse Argon MKIII and I really love them. It is a bit of a pain in the ass to get them to Spain (320$ for the headphones, 40$ for shipping, 82€ on custom tariff), but they are 100% worth it in my opinion. They punch way above their price.

In any case, be careful about the looking for a better sound, if you like the Sivga enjoy them, because sometimes it is more about finding the correct match, between the gear you use, the music you listen and your personal preferences.

In my case, I am solid, right now, that I don’t like, and I don’t want, neutral sound gear. I need something richer, engaging and fun.