Overall good gaming headphones

I currently use HyperX Could 2s and am looking to upgrade. Ive got about $500 to spend in total. I want something that is going to be overall a good headphone. I am mainly a competitive player but also like to play some single player games and be immersed in it. I live alone so I dont mind either open or closed back. I will also be listening to some music. I was looking at the DT 880 600 ohm since thats what seems to be recommended quite a bit here. But im up for any other suggestions anybody else has.

Little bit buried here. Saw it figured I would chime in case you still were needing some help.

Alright, this is a pretty easy one for me to chime in on actually so, this will depend on your preference and how much you can tolerate Treble. DT 880 is an absolute fantastic headphone for competitive gaming but of course it lacks in the bass department. If you wanted bass switch that to the DT 990 and if you feel the brightness is a bit much on those two but still wanted a touch of bass you can just use the Tygr 300R from beyer. All 3 are fantastic for your use case. Tygr doesn’t technically need an amp. If your going to go with DT 880 or 990 go with their premium versions(usually read as “edition”) as these are the consumer versions and have a straight cable instead of the coiled cable. For an amp on the beyers it will depend on how much you can score that beyer for but lets say you bought it brand new price which is $200 leaving you $300. You can either go grab a Liquid Spark + Topping D10 or Liquid Sparks new Dac pairing, or you could take it a step further increase your budget by a hair and grab an Asgard 3 and Topping E30(or D10 again) and call it a day and if you want an upgrade later just use something like a modius for pairing to the asgard 3 as a stack. With the Schiit stack later if you wanted more flexibility in your sound consider getting a loki if you have multi use cases or you can always download PEACE APO or other free equalizer software and customize your sound to your preferences. If you want 7.1 surround sound look into programs such as dolby atmos and hesuvi

If you have other questions feel free to ask on here others can help or feel free to response or directly message me. Hope that helps! Have a good one and happy gaming!