Overnight Sensation (DIY)

Anyone build these? I just ordered the kit from parts express. Working out what to use as an amp/ dac for them.

I have not built them, but they can not handle a ton of juice. Most small stereo amps should work fine with them.

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that is a pretty common amp paired with the Overnights

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Thanks, i will check it out…

So I pulled the trigger on a Khadas Tone Board for a DAC and a Micca OriGain Amp to pair up with my Overnight Sensations.

Going to take a few weeks until I receive everything and get the speakers built.

Looking forward to my 1st speaker setup and it being budget and DYI… :slight_smile:


nice, those should work well. you should be a happy camper =)

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Received my kit… Time to build…


Crossover layouts done, time to solder…


1st one finished

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Received my Micca Origain Amp today.