Pad roll for Drop x Ultrasone Signature X

I’ve been curious about Ultrasone ever since getting into the hobby in 2017. I watched Zeos’s recent review on the Drop collab and decided I would give it a shot.

They arrived today. Z was right - don’t use the stock pads. My only extra pads are a set of ZMF Universe that came with my VOs. I’m listening right now, and the Ultrasones sound great. But the pads are really, really loose on the cups. Any suggestions for a Dekoni or something that might fit better? Comfort is really more important to me than tuning/signature, but if any reccs push the sound too far in one direction, I would go for “fun” over “neutral.”

i’ve been using dekoni m50x pads they fit okay still slightly larger than stock pads. been using the leather pads, i found velour and hybrid pads too bass light

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I got some Brainwavz oval PU/velour pads for these headphones, and they fit much better. The sound is good. :+1:

An expensive mistake for Ultrasone and/or Drop. Drop sent me an email, excerpted below. Looks like I’ll have two sets of Signature X. Should be interesting to A/B the “defective” pair with the replacement. I’m not upset about this. These things happen, so no big deal. They sound just fine as is.

Thanks to the keen eyes of some in our community, it has been brought to our attention that the Drop + Ultrasone Signature X headphones have a potential manufacturing error.
Specifically, the Double Deflector Fin (DDF) is incorrectly placed. While this is clearly visible if the headphone inner ear cups are inspected, the error is not visible on the testing done before shipping.
You are able to continue using the headphones as before. Ultrasone will provide new replacement headphones to all customers which will be shipped to you free of charge. Please stand by as we expect the new headphones to arrive in the USA within the next 60 days or so.

Lots of apologies and customer-soothing in the email, but that’s the gist of it. Reviews and discussions here.

4.6 stars out of 5 based on 10 reviews, and 100% would recommend to a friend. Fascinating to see that, considering they’re all “defective” units. :thinking:

Yeah hopefully they give us the replacement and let us keep the old one! This is probably good news for anyone who hasn’t gotten one, it means they wanted to keep public perception good and means they plan to make more to sell to more people

What are you trying to get put of the change in pads? More bass? More treble? Larger soundstage? Etc, etc, etc. That’s gonna have a big impact on possible rec’s.

I’m gonna have to be totally honest here… I just wanted anything other than the stock pads, which sounded thin, metallic, and disordered. The Brainwavz I settled on fit and feel good, and they sound great - full and detailed with great isolation.

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