Pad roll for Drop x Ultrasone Signature X

I’ve been curious about Ultrasone ever since getting into the hobby in 2017. I watched Zeos’s recent review on the Drop collab and decided I would give it a shot.

They arrived today. Z was right - don’t use the stock pads. My only extra pads are a set of ZMF Universe that came with my VOs. I’m listening right now, and the Ultrasones sound great. But the pads are really, really loose on the cups. Any suggestions for a Dekoni or something that might fit better? Comfort is really more important to me than tuning/signature, but if any reccs push the sound too far in one direction, I would go for “fun” over “neutral.”

i’ve been using dekoni m50x pads they fit okay still slightly larger than stock pads. been using the leather pads, i found velour and hybrid pads too bass light