Pads for dt990 premium 600 ohm?

Figured I would ask this as I would searching around the site and didn’t have much luckk finding pads for these headphones posted. Looking for some good pads that will fit these headphones… While these are really comfortable out of the box I would like to see what is out there and if there is some strong recommendations… I am used to wearing those memory foam leather type cushions for the longest time so this microfiber is definitely different to me. Recommendations and information is appreciated thanks!

Other pads will affect the sound for worst. I haven’t heard of an aftermarket pad that work with the beyerdynamic as good as stock ones.For best result I recommend the stock pads beyerdynamics EDT 990 v.


Is that right? Was looking at like dekoni and some others so I was rather curious.

@Falenkor In the tygr, I post I bought the dt990 pro black limited edition. I dont like the black pads compared to the silver ones.I decided to buy the beyerdynamic silver pads to try them. You have said before, the black pads add more booming bass. The are stiffer. The silver ones are more comfortable and softer. The silver pads disappear in your head, with the black you could feel them in your head. Also, the “Brand new” silver pads are shallow, they seem like ones you find when you buy a used beyerdynamic from ebay, except the brownish discoloration LOL. This is not the first time i tried the silver pads, I used to have the dt880 600ohm all black edtition. I swap pads with my dt990 pro silver pads a few months ago. Same impression with the pad swapping.

Sound wise, it seems the black pad add more sound stage which make the bass resonate more which could cause the boom. With the silver pads it sound cleaner, more open and brighter.

Have you tried the silver pads on the tygr?

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They do indeed as they appear to be made of thicker material however in tygrs case it’s pads are extremely soft and plush in comparison much like the silver pads. I have tried this and the effects were fairly small. It essentially works in the same way though with the silvers being slightly more open and bright in comparison though it could be some kind of placebo effect in my end. The pads seem to be fairly identical in comfort when it comes to the tygrs pads.

Get a pair of Eikon Lambskins. Bass goes up. Treble stupidness goes down. Would recommend.

But I like the treble… lol. This post of mine is fairly old… not quite sure why it was added onto for a post bout the pads of the 990 being placed on the tygrs.Though btw, the dekoni sheepskins and choice are good for doing the same thing for this headphone. Dekoni elite velour balances it out more