Pads to bring down treble

Ok so i found this amazing headphone recently. The HarmonicDyne Helios. It sounds fantastic. But i was listening to my playlist last night and i hit a song where the treble was just too much. And this happens every once in a while. On top of that with some tracks i get sibilance. So I was wondering what pads can i get that will bring down the treble? ZMF pads seem to be the best. Dont know how Dekoni stacks up to ZMF. I will spare no expense for my beloved Helios. But any recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

I know you don’t like the brand name, but how about a Schiit Loki? (oh, and it’s not a pad either, sorry)


idk, for some reason i find pads a more fluid way of dealing with treble than actually using an eq lol

A 3mm thick round disc of foam between the driver and pad can help :+1:


Usually if treble is too much for me, I EQ it down. Or I just use different headphones.


On the LCD X I noticed the leather pads added a bit more mid range dip. I doubt it helps for treble. I recommend a piece a felt in the pad that might help. I would just look into headphone tuning options and focus less on pads.


To elaborate on this, I mean that some headphones are just too harsh for certain music for me. That’s why I have different pairs of headphones. It would be a bit silly to use a putter for driving.


I’ve modded Beyerdynamic DT990s in the past by using 3mm wool felt. I shared the link below. What I would do is measure the amount needed and cut it out and place it on that backside of the ear pad.


If you really want to just change pads only, I do know that my suede pads on the Nighthawk tone down treble. Perhaps certain suede pads could help.


I wanted to thank you for your and @Ohmboy’s suggestion on this - I have the Dekoni Blue and the harshness in the treble just wouldn’t be alleviated no matter what padswapping I tried. Well, I just put some foam over the driver and behind the pads and I’ve been listening for about an hour now. The treble is noticeably rolled back and way more pleasing to my ears. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this earlier, but it has helped a lot!


No problem, happy you are enjoying them.

I believe Zeos mentioned the zmf Ori suede during his review of the Helios… I ordered them and they have been here patiently awaiting the helios… My luck it will be October before they arrive…

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Do you recall if he said anything about treble in connection to them? Zeos likes many difference kinds of headphones. He also loves aggressive headphones. A LOT. these headphones are right up his alley but hes got the Aiva clones he listens to all teh time. which these remind me of.

He really likjed these phones very much and claimed to have no idea of price, I think I am
gonna re-watch it and check but I do remember him recommending those pads as well as the Dekoni audeze velour and the brainwavz round gel. He ran them with stock cable and then a balanced cable and He also ran it off the Darkvoice tube amp he uses… There is also as usual a sound demo associated…