Padswap on the Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS and 770is

Has anyone really given the 100iS and the 770iS a shot? A pad swap on these makes these headphones so much fun. Compared to the ear-piercing M50x I have, The 770iS with a thick boy leather pad swap is so amazing for bass heads, and not just that it is weirdly warm and tame even though the bass is fun, round, smooth, and punchy. I recommend these headphones to anyone with a budget under 200$ who needs headphones for music and games. I want to know what pads you guys and gals have on the ATH-WS1100iS and 770iS and what is it like? The only headphones I have to compare are the M50x and the SHP 2000.

I have the 1100is…just did a pad swap with the Brainwavz hybrids, and I love them even more now. First they increased the soundstage. The bass isn’t as punchy, but the extra space the pads created allowed the bass to develop a little more without sounding muddy. Mid-range was refined, especially in female voices. Everything sounded clearer. Speaking of which, they were able to clear up that little bit sibilance that could get uncomfortable at times. Overall I’m happy, and might get a couple more pads just to see how the different materials affect the sound in these.