Pairings for Listening Party

I’m having a few people over for a listening party and this is what I’m thinking for amp/DAC pairings.


Turntable/schiit Mani - Loxjie P20

Fulla 2 - Atom

ES100 - Vali 2

Bifrost 2 - Jotunheim+Project Polaris

Anything I should shuffle to make it better?

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Personally I would swap the bifrost 2 and su8, so you feed the higher quality amp a better dac, and give the jot a bit more analytical signal from the su8 so it doesn’t get as muddled, but that’s just me


The Bifrost and Jotunheim aren’t mine, so I’ll see if my friend is down for that. Are the other 3 pairs good to go?

Does the Fulla 2 really need to be paired with an Atom?

Which would be better? This is all the gear I’ve got. I was thinking either fulla 2 or es100 for atom because I can just run an aux cable from them.

I don’t think the Fulla 2 really needs an amp unless it’s driving something a bit harder to drive. The JDS Labs and Fulla 2 are both op amp based so the sound signatures should be practically identical. I wouldn’t include an additional amp unless you’re driving some hard drive headphones.

I do have a second Fulla 2, but it also works as a DAC (has a separate fixed line out). And I need a DAC anyway for the atom

Right, I’m just saying the only difference between a Fulla 2 and a Fulla 2 with an Atom is the cable. If I were to use the Fulla 2 as a dac only, I’d connect it to an amp that has a touch of coloring to hear any difference out of the Fulla 2 directly.

Gotcha. Fulla into Vali would be better then :+1:

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That should work. Also, Jason Stoddard of Schiit wrote a post on blind testing… he personally hear a difference from the Vali 2 and the Schiit Heresy. So… the stock tube apparently sounds the same as the latest clean budget amp which also sounds like a more powerful Fulla. But… Vali + Fulla 2 does sound like a much better pairing.

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