Paradigm's monitor SE atoms vs paradigm Monitor Mini

The title says it all. Bought a pair of the Monitor SE atoms, but eBay seller states he’s currently out of stock of them and offered the Paradigm Monitor Mini’s v7s. Trying to decide if they’re as good as the SE atoms.

They are older but do pull their weight. What room and what amp are you using?

Office, and Topping PA3

Hmmm, I think those would still be pretty sweet, and imo they are a higher quality speaker compared to the SE atom, I think the mini preforms better in a room where the atom might be slightly more desirable nearfield

It will be near-flied. But I think the Mini’s overall are a better set. I just requested a refund from the eBay seller who decided to list the Atoms without having them in stock :man_facepalming:

But I just found a pair of the Minis v7 for the same price as the Atoms from a different seller. So kinda a win-win.

Thanks for the response!

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I would tend to agree imo, hope you enjoy them :+1: