Parasound zAmp v3 powering Studio 530s


So I originally have had my Parasound zAmp v3 powering a pair of Mission 760i, 6 ohms with a recommended amp between 25-75W. It’s been fine for powering those speakers. With these JBL Studio 530s coming in, I know that they will require a bit more juice to power them. It’s nearfield so I won’t need a super high amount of wattage, but I am wondering about clipping.

Currently, I have an EVGA NU Audio Card RCA’ed into the Parasound zAmp v3 which go to the speakers. Since I don’t have an analog volume control and just the digital volume control on the PC’s EVGA NU Audio soundcard, if I just set the gain lower with the digital volume set the volume at 100% on the volume control on the computer to a point it’s nice and loud before dialing it back to a comfortable level. Would this leave prevent the amplifier from clipping? Or essentially, as long as I have the gain set a low enough level. Could I safely have the digital volume at 100% without clipping?

It’s my understanding that amplifier gain technically controls voltage. So lowering the voltage at a low enough level should prevent clipping from occurring even if I set the digital volume to max.

I personally don’t think they will require that much more power you think you need as long as you aren’t blasting them

Yeah that should work, so just to clarify, you want to have a lower gain from your sound card, and keep windows at 100? You might be still playing a dangerous game if the gain still ends up being fairly high lol

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Er setting the gain lower on the Amp. The sound card only has a has a volume setting. I was just worried if I accidentally raise the volume to 100% on the sound card it would cause clipping if the 530’s demanded too much power. So I was wondering if I lower the gain on the amp with the volume set at 100% on the sound card, could I set it so even if I had accidentally set it to a 100% it never would get to the point of clipping. On the downside, the amp would be feeding a less power to the speakers at 100% Volume than it is capable of. Basically with the gain, could I limit the power of the amp so that even at 100% set on the computer, there would be no risk of clipping at the trade off of limiting the max power of the amp.

Ah, yeah then you shouldn’t have an issue as long as you actually set the gain correctly. My bad, I thought you had a soundcard with adjustable line out voltage modes

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