Passive Speakers and Amp <$500

Looking for first upgrade to vinyl setup. Currently rocking some low end active Edifiers. With Black Friday nearly thought why not upgrade. Was looking at the PA3 to allow more funds for speakers. Also looking at q150.

Or in this budget would it be more beneficial to lean more towards the amp for future growth?

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Funny enough I am looking at something very similar

Does the amp need to have a DAC built-in? (digital inputs) I would assume it doesn’t matter since its for vinyl :stuck_out_tongue:
I used a Onkyo A9110 for some time, was a nice amp for the money. Was around ~225 euros and it has MM phono stage

Would be a long shot, but maybe that Onkyo + Klipsch RP600Ms would be around 500 during Black Friday. One can dream.

Another good amp to check out would be the SMSL SA300.

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One can dream indeed… I may be able to do the rp600m w/ a pa30 within my budget. Would the pa30 be sufficient though… or would amp>speaker strat be better?

Im thinking going heavier on the amp side to prep for an upgrade later. Suggestions?

Maybe something used? Its hard to fit a good amp and decent speakers under 500 :stuck_out_tongue:
Where are you shopping from? I guess seeing what deals are on black friday would be great :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty good price:

amp makes less difference then speakers in 99 out of 100 cases. modern amps are mostly all fairly clean. going from a 100$ amp to a 300$ amp is not going to be very noticeable in most cases. however, going from 100$ - 200$ speakers is very noticeable, let alone spending more. i would not spend above 200$ on an amp unless you plan on spending a chunk more. you will end up micro upgrading and sidegrading and spending a lot of money doing it.

i would skip the topping and go even cheaper chifi brand like FX or Nobosound. you wont notice a difference and will save you 50+$ to spend on speakers or beer or a steak dinner.

edit: unless your willing to go used. used 300$ market can net you some very great amps.

Thanks for the feedback! Any beefy nobosound recs?

600 not worth the extra $100? Filling a larger space

something like that. theres like 6 or 7 “brands” that are all identical minus the logo and price. i have a few fosi amps i have purchsed for myself and others. they are solid and work well.

edit: i got my mom a 50wpc fosi amp to go with klipsch r-51m’s and the combo works very well and gets very loud. the 100wpc version will do even better.

If you got the money the 600 should definitely be worth it.

Rp600m hard to beat around the $400 mark?

If new then for 400 they are a steal.

Only problem with cheap Chinese amps can be is that sometimes they sound bit dry, at least from my experience (Loxije wedge amp :stuck_out_tongue: ) because mostly they are class D.

This was completely fine with the RP600Ms but I cannot lie that even a Onkyo A9110 or a used Marantz 6006 were huge upgrades. Things just sound better. But a Loxije amp like that is a good start, but you might wanna check if your turntable needs a phono stage, because these cheap amps don’t have those.

(Currently using Iotavx SA3 + PA3 with my RP600ms and could not be happier)

snagged me one of the guys below. opt for the sub out for potential future use. also grabbed some rp500m and rp600m to test. thanks!


Get a modest AB integrated amp from Onkyo, NAD, Cambridge Audio or Emotiva… I can’t understand this current market trend of off brand class D Amps… Yes they have some decent ones but generally class AB still sounds better.
Get a decent base amp and speakers and build around it. Setup a decent setup that will last you many years as opposed to always chasing the latest tech.


Polk T50s if you want a cheaper but decent pair, this is what I am currently running, and I like it, although I am longing for Klipsch RP-600M. You can get a decent amp for $100-200 if you go used, from the likes of Onkyo, NAD etc. as listed above, mine is Harman Kardon which I got used for $100.

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It’s a shame that Harmon Kardon is moving away from Receivers and amps.

Agree100% I was looking for a Harmon receiver before Christmas, looks like they are focused on Automotive electronics, they actually made the Stereo in my Subaru.