Passive speakers for ~1500€

Hi! Looking to upgrade my living room setup, any suggestions? Standmount and floorstanding are both fine. Currently running a pair of Dali Oberon 3 and I like their signature a lot. They work great with all genres and are forgiving when it comes to bad recordings.

Both Buchardt S300 and S400 seem like they’d be great for my taste, any other suggestions?

room size? Budget? Any existing equipment? What source?

The room is about 35sqm with an opening behind the listening postition. Got a Campridge SR20, so I’ve got amplification covered.

Sources include a smart tv, a record player and occasionally my pc. Budget is a loose 1500€ and I’m only looking to get new speakers

Hmmm, how much are Polk legend L200 over there? The Buchardts are nice but can be picky at times

It appears that the legend series is not sold in Finland at all yet. It probably will find its way to the stores tho, since other Polk speakers are widely available