PC350 dead, replacement advice needed

Hello there, my first post here!

I decided to sign up after doing a lot of lurking to find a solution on my matter.
I am using headphones to play games (i like competitive FPS) and listen to music on my pc.

The story is, I have owned a pair of Sennheiser PC350 for the past, i don’t know, 10 years probably?
Driving them off a Xonar D2X sound card at first, and for the last 2 years using onboard sound card.
One day, they died so I needed replacement.
Economy isn’t very good at the moment so i decided to give the HyperX Cloud Alpha a try.
I couldn’t believe how bad they sound, its like they are broken compared to my older pair.

After doing some reading, i think i should buy something like the MMX 300’s or the TYGR (although the TYGR are nowhere to be found in my country and Beyer doesn’t ship here) but when i tried to compare the response graphs, i found out the B’s have huge differences in high frequencies compared to the PC350’s. After reading some comments, people seem to get annoyed by those treble peaks so i am in a kind of dead end.

Budget is 250€ max, including microphone in case the headphones don’t have one.
Closed cans preferred, but would consider open backs.

Open to suggestions! :slight_smile:


firstly, welcome to HFG Stelios!

next, the best go-to for full on gaming headsets would be the Beyerdynamic MMM 300, which is closed back and has a microphone.

however, the bees knees for gaming headphones are the 600 ohm version of the Beyer DT 880. the imaging on these is spectacular and that’s a big want for gaming headphones. the problem is the high impedance means you need a powerful amp to drive them and when you buy an amp, you want to get one with a warm sound signature as the treble / highs are peaky, so a warm amp tames them so your ears don’t bleed, LoL, as they like to say. with a warm amp they will also so really good for music too.

Hey @Marzipan , thank you your time.

The MMX300 are the strongest contender indeed, I am hesitating a little because of a couple reviews mentioning the peaky high frequencies.
DT880 look really good, but I will need a mic and a proper amplifier, therefore it is out of my league at the moment.

Are there any new releases coming soon from BT or Sennheiser? I was hoping I could get the PC38X but they are nowhere to be found in Europe.

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I wish I had more to share, but I stopped gaming a long time ago, so I hope others will step in.

Senn does have other gaming headsets available, but they are now under the brand name EPOS. the one you referenced is a Drop special and being it’s so expensive to get things shipped over fro the US, there is very little penetration of Drop products in Europe.

the CoolerMaster MH751 and MH752 are both well regarded, so take a look and see if they are around you?

so you know…the reason why the MMX 300 do so well is because of how well the do in the highs that are called peaky…same thing for the DT 880 600 ohm.

Could get the hd560s and whatever chinese boom mic cable you can find that fits them

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ah yes…I have seen comments the HD560s does well for gaming despite being made for music. :smiley:

Should the mmx300 be to peaky you could try the foam disk’s from the tygr or amicron line to quell those highs

I’ve had the PC363d’s for like… 8+ years? I’ve just received the HD58x Jubilees and my god are they pretty much just a direct upgrade to the sound in every way from the 363d.

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I like the HD58x Jubilees in general it works on anything, no power needed.
I use them to watch TV plugged into my Roku remotes.

quite old school these days… pc37x and pc38x succeeded these later in pretty much every category after they made the Game One and Game Zero. If your looking for just the cut above what you already have… go to the respective change however, 38x pads are quite… thin in shape so may not fit all head sizes.

all hyperx headphones are just a revamp off the takstar pro 82 old headphones… none of them are really that “great” outside of the orbit but the orbit is just a spin off of the Audeze mobius which is now the new Penrose. I never really recommend hyperx or like… logitech and others less you really need budget heavy sets of cans… even then something simple like mh751 will best the hyperx is essentially every single category while also costing less and now has the mh6 series which offers different pads and other things.

The treble of beyer is well known… however, this heavily depends on the person and their tolerance/preference so only you will know if you like that kind of sound. MMX300 is one of the best headsets you can even get due to the fact its just the DT 770 with a microphone and slight alteration to the sound(also the ability to be low ohm without sounding like absolute shit unlike the 770). Tygr is in the same boat as its the 990 without the absolute massive treble peak and easier to drive… both tend to float a bit on the head and are usually extremely comfortable(may need stretched/broken in a bit at first though depending on a persons head size)

Next to sennheisers like 560s or in rare niche grey areas something like k702 this is pretty much the golden standard at $200 new for a gamer… I did pretty thorough searching and still this is pretty much the absolute top even in the cases of music it perforns extremely well and the scaling lets it grow with you when you upgrade the amp and dac… however as mentioned… needy on the amp and dac

38x is a drop exclusive like 37x… unfortunately. You may be able to find them used market if you dig around though… im sure someone has a pair in the area willing to sell them

the other contender… but again… drop exclusive. 58x is the cut above HD 598 which you should be able to find… and if you still want the PC headsets… just go with senns game one… otherwise look into HD 560s with a form of external mic

debatable on 58x… I have tried these on various devices… it definitely will depend on what its ran off of… same with things such as mmx 300, 560s, tygr, etc they all may need some extra help with power.