Peace EQ - correcting the DT770 - Am I doing it right?

Today I received my DT770 250ohm. I’m satisfied with everything except the sharp Beyer spike in the higher treble range:

I’ve been trying to correct for it using the Peace GUI for Equalizer APO. I’ve imported the shown graph as an overlay and inverted it. Then I matched the projected green curve to the curve of the imported and inverted freq. response graph. I didn’t do anything to bass as I enjoy them. Here is how it looks in the graph view and then in the EQ screen:

I’m here to check if I’m doing it right. I don’t know if the projected green line is good reference and so…
I followed a guy in the Amazon’s reviews section and he did it same as I did.
The headphone sounds good after this and I’m happy. Anyway, I still wanted to check if I’m not doing some nonsense.

Any comments from experienced Peace users will be appreciated.

If it sounds good to you, then you’re doing it right. I think a direct inversion of the headphone’s frequency response might be a bit overly aggressive, but if you’re liking it who would I be to argue?

Another option available would be to check out the AutoEQ project on GitHub. They’ve done a LOT of measuring and research and have EQ presets for an incredible array of headphones. The presets are available to either truly flatten the frequency response, which sounds like crap to my ears, but could have a real place in a mix/ mastering toolbox, or to try and emulate the Harmon curve, which is the result of a lot of research into what sounds good to human ears. The Harmon curve EQ transformed my ATH-M40x into a very fun pair to listen to, shoring up the bass some without losing any detail. It was a nice upgrade, even though I was happy with the sound before, I just didn’t know what I was missing until I tried it out.

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I will look onto that for sure. As I said, I want to only correct for the treble spike that causes the sibilant sound / harshness.

I will try the Harman curve, but I for sure don’t want to lower the bass as I quite enjoy the default sound of them.

Have one problem. When importing the preset, it requires me to set the preamp value to -5.4dB which results in the volume being really low, forcing me into cranking the amp dial almost all the way instead of about 1 o’ clock position.

Yeah, I had a similar experience, but still had plenty of headroom.

The EQ preset does end up having some clipping at the top end of the new freq. curve if you don’t have the preamp cut. If that doesn’t work with your current amp, you could try a little less of a cut to the total preamp gain, but you’re into tradeoff territory now.

Hmmm… I still had plenty of headroom after the preamp, but you could add another gain after the EQ in the process chain to make some back up?

With the amp turned up, do you like the sound? Are you hearing the amp’s floor? I wouldn’t think it would be a problem unless you can’t achieve the volume you’re actually after, or unless you can hear your amp now.

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Well, I can achieve the desired volume, just have to crank the dial a lot more, that’s all :D. Just don’t know if it’s the best for the amp to run at close to maximum power all the time…

Actually, I found this: Dropbox - Beyerdynamic DT770 (new earpads).pdf - Simplify your life

It matches the Harman curve, but let’s you customize the sound with three different sliders.

Well, at least I now have a few different presets to choose from :slight_smile:

Found the list for multiple models, pad wear:
Guess your M40x is also there. You can try it if you didn’t already do so.

Still - does the harmon curve sound good to you though? It can be a great place to start, but definitely tune your EQ to fit your preferences.

I can’t help with weather or not it might be bad for your amp to run near max output - I would imagine that it if were designed for a given level of output, it should be able to operate at that level. Generally, companies that produce a product want to have fewer units returned due to damage from operating as intended, so they would set limits a little lower than the product can actually produce. Nonetheless, I have no actual information confirming that theory, it’s just a theory.

I would be interested to know the answer, if anyone else chimes in, is it actually bad for an amp to operate near max gain?

With a bit of bass boost, yeah.

Sweet - glad you found something that works well for you!

Well, I’m now switching a lot between the customized profile:

and the profile I made:

(I kinda increased the treble by then tho). I find this one to sound a bit more “live” and the other one a bit choked (really don’t know which words to use lol)…

pasting it here mainly for ppl with dt770 who wanna try out.

I feel like the treble increase compensates for the bass boost a bit. Maybe that was the original intend by the manufacturer, but imo they pushed it way too hard.