Peace Equalizer

This is an amazing program if you haven’t used it already.

Peace is a software equalizer. Very customizable.

Youtube Tutorial, which is mostly still applicable.


Using this we should be able to make EQs and swap them.

My Tin P1 EQ settings. Save in C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO\config\tinp1.xml

Yes! I love this piece of software. This interface is the one I use. Love it so much I sent in a donation, well deserved too. It’s slow to load and to change presets but you can easily create your own presets, have them go to different devices and many other cool features.

Can someone clarify something for me - I steer away from using programs like Equaliser APO because they prevent me from being able to use my DAC in exclusive mode, which I’m assuming is a bad thing. Is it? Does not being able to have the DAC in exclusive mode actually make a difference in any way, or is Equaliser APO fine to use? Thanks.

The only experience I have using a DAC on PC in exclusive mode is with Tidal. As I understand it is needed to transmit the MQA bits to your DAC without any interference or loss of information. I was disappointed that I could not use a software EQ when trying out Tidal’s MQA tracks.

Also, I like to play games on my PC while listening to music and having Tidal take complete control over my DAC would not allow me to do that either. Ultimately, I personally enjoyed the sound quality more with the EQ than with MQA and have since never bothered with it again.

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