Periapt and rubbing noise (microphonics?)

I found the original cable for my HD660S much too long and bought replacement cables from Periapt. They look and feel great.

BUT. The fabric material rubs on my clothing, and the sound travels, so I can hear the rubbing. It’s annoying. Everyone loves these cables and this type of cable…could I be the only one bothered by the rubbing? I’m inclined to find something more like the OEM, only shorter.

I don’t have any experience with Periapt, but i do remember the braided cable that was included with my Philips fidelio x2 was horrible in that regard… moving my head resulted in a lot of “microphonics”, and its very annoying… After switching to a more rubberized/plasticy cable for the fidelio x2, it was much less noticeable.

All of the fabric covered cables I’ve had were microphonic as hell, both with IEM (linsoul cable) and hdp (audio Technica stock). I a kid them like the plague now

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Mine did that too. I ended up making my own using some Mogami cable, eBay Sennheiser connectors and Rean terminations. A little heat shrink will keep it looking professional. All in all for the price I paid for 2 periapt cables shipped to Canada I made around 5 home made cables for my various headphones.

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@brux Hart Audio cables haven’t had the rubbing issue for me. There’s always going to be some variability in manufacturing. I recently replaced my Logitech mouse and the cable on the new one is noticeably “fuzzier” than the old one which makes it scratch on the mousepad. I’m trying to think of something waxy I can use on it. Does varnish harden on fabric?

Interesting. I do not have that issue with my Periapt. It does tend to feel a bit heavy at times, but it is not a deal breaker for me. I like that cable very much. It is currently installed on my HP-2.