Personal Favorite Headphone/IEM list?

Saw some dude want a top tier list of gear. Instead of that i thought it would be fun to get somewhere to list your top 5 headphones/iems so far. (you could do top anything, 3, 10, 5 etc) And with a small reason (2 sentences per each is ideal but it’s up to you!) as to why it’s where it’s at.

1: Focal Elex/Focal Elegia. Both have tradeoffs but essentially, good timbre, maintains crazy fun speed on treble and mids making snares sound frickin addicting,detail, mid forward sound sig with ridiculous dynamics and slam the dynamics really make it great for kpop. (Elex has passable timbre but not particularly great imo, super forward mids and is too upbeat for chill music .And Elegia could sound more open duh lol and have a wider soundstage)

2:Sundara. Very well rounded sound signature with nice tight bass, speed which sounds fun with cymbals and snares, linear mids and noiceee treble. Just a very very nice sound signature with decent timbre and works great for calm music like indie (only issue is it’s slam, or lackthereof, and how much noise it let’s in if you live in the desert heat has come back and now you need to have the AC on for the next 5 months lol)

3:Audioquest Nighthawks. NICE AF BASS, great timbre, nice forward vocals and great detail considering the sound signature with unique presentation which i love with hip hop(Could be more well rounded, treble could be more controlled and finally the unique presentation could be a bit more engaging)

4: Senheiser 58x. Great timbre, forward vocals with super pleasing calm sound signature. Nice detail, nice bass, nice treble. Just does all the basics RIGHT and sounds great with indie music (Can lack the separation needed for albums like Ondatrópica by Ondatrópica and other demanding songs/albums etc)

5: Koss KSC 75. Good timbre, mid forward and fun treble followed by actually really great dynamics and slam. I think it pairs better with slightly warmer amps to get body behind it but also scales ridiculously good and is just FUN. Love it for KPOP (Lacks some of the body, detail and finer edges of higher end headphones.

Honorable Mention: Sony WI-C200 bluetooth earbuds. They lack alot of technicalities in comparison to all these headphones but make up for timbre that’s far better than most chifi, fun bass and mids are not really recessed as far as i can tell. If they are it’s not by much. I just love ti’s sound signature and FUCKIN PREFER THE TO THE HAWKS i said it. And i stand by that statement lol