Philips Fidelio X2’s vs Cougar Phontum

Okay, this is a bit of an odd one but I just got my Fidelio X2’s. I’ve been using this cheap ass pair of headphones made by Cougar, called the phontums. The sound between the two of these is almost remarkably similar. Like, I am genuinely surprised that the X2’s have such a similar sound signature despite having another 100 dollars (or 250 if you’re going of the OG price). If anyone else has the Phontums please tell me insane or that you agree I can’t tell if I’m crazy or not.

I wouldn’t be surprised as the x2’s are tuned for lots of bass, so probably similar to your headset

I will still say, these are most definitely an upgrade, as the build quality is literally the best I’ve ever had in any headphone.

Do you think they are wider sounding then your headset? Do you think they are substantially more detailed?

Most definitely on the first one, second one still needs some time, but the thing I do notice is guitars sound like butter. Like, I cannot describe how insanely good specifically guitars sound on this set of cans.

Well that’s great that you like them