Philips Fidelio X3 & SHP9600

Are these real of fake? My mind is saying “Yes”, but my wallet’s screaming “NOOOO!!”



For more images and information:


Very interesting. Look really nice, I wonder how they improved it vs the x2 and previous shps

Although the new shps almost look like a knock off of the old shps lol

The blog entry on watchmono is stating that the X3 is 30 ohm, so nothing has changed on that part.
I’m a huge fan of the fabric exterior though, and the way it looks like a closed-back, even though they’re not.

Yeah, the shp9600 definitely looks like a chubbier knock off :grin:

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You can tell they spent time designing the x3, it looks really pleasing. I wonder if it will influence more people to buy it

9600 looks uglier than the 9500 but the X3 looking like a beut

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The second link, when you translate it, its the “Z·HiFi Experience Conference”.

I hope this Z would make it to that Z HiFi conference in China next year. LoL

Not sure if the translation is accurate, but I’m curious if the X3s will be planar. …“multi-layer drive unit diaphragm technology”…

Well usually there wouldn’t be multiple layer diaphragm in a planar driver, so I would assume that would point to a strange material diaphragm dynamic, but ya never know

I love the look of the X3.

I’m probably a little irrational in wanting to pre order the X3s now for a potential January 2020 release.

Latest article that mentions the X3 and Philips latest BT ANC.

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those look pretty sweet :+1:

Actually pretty curious about them lol, I would definitely like to hear them at one point

I guess the they’re legit huh