Phillips shp9500 or Audio-Technica ATHAD700X

I have around 80-100 dollars for headphones, no amp and i use my headphones mainly for music and talking to people

The “Ships” look more well-behaved in the mids and treble, with bass about the same:

so i should go with the phillips?

Shps are more suited to a wider variety of music, and the ad’s are a more bass light treble emphasized sound. The shps are more comfortable imo, but the ad have a greater sense of openness compared to the shp. I cannot remember how they compare detail wise, but the ad has better imaging and a more natural soundstage (although I believe the shps were more wide sounding, while the ad is a more intimate sound). Both can easily be run off of a phone or pc without a separate dac and amp (although both benefit from one). The shps feel better in the hands and seem more sturdy than the ad, along with the fact that the shps have a removable wire, while the ad do not. Both are great picks that will serve you well. If you have any other questions feel free to ask

pretty sure the Ad’s are generally better recieved if the high are the focus as people like to describe a sense of compresion at higher frequencies for the shps. Im not too sure I don’t own either to really compare. but shps are still touted as the budget king for open backs under a $100

Yeah, the ads are great for highs and upper mids, but I agree the shp is a better deal overall because of the build and the wide variety of music it sounds good with compared to the ad. The ad isnt as good of an all rounder