Phonitor se sufficient for HEDDphone?

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I currently am using a HEDDphone and have a SPL Phonitor se (paired with a Topping D70s DAC). I was wondering if there would be any benefit if I moved to a balanced headphone amp. If so, which one would you guys recommend? Would the Singxer SA-1 be a good match or would I have to get something like the Phonitor e? Thanks!

Do you enjoy your current setup? I don’t really see the need to move to anything balanced in your case, as that won’t really change anything as balanced is mainly a design choice, a well designed single ended is just as good as or can be better than a balanced one, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Instead I would just more focus on if you are looking for a change or upgrade, what sonic aspects you want to focus on. Otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it if you are happy with your current setup as you aren’t really missing out on anything by not having balanced

Thanks for your input. I was just reading a review for the HEDDphone and they had mentioned that the sound has more ‘body’ when powered by a balanced amp. I don’t have any issues per se regarding the sound, but was wondering if a balanced amp would provide more punch to the sound.

Which amp and what were they comparing? Just the fact of it being balanced won’t necessarily give something more body, it’s moreso the qualities of the individual amp itself

Depends on what amp you go with, if you are looking for more punch factor in the 1k ish range used, you could go with something like a violectric v281 (which would add more width, impact, and a bit of a warmer smoother sound that’s a bit more relaxed from your phonotor) or a bryston bha-1 (more warmer energetic-forward and full sounding, good grip and impact)

Admittedly if you wanted more body, perhaps try upgrading your dac, you could try something like a bifrost 2 for example which would imo be an overall step up while adding more body and punch to your setup, you could also consider a denafrips ares ii dac as well as that should also be a nice match with the phonotor (there are also larger steps up dac wise at a higher price point as well). Although I wouldn’t recommend these 2 dacs for the vio or byston if you end up going that way

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Thanks for your input. Definitely lots to digest there.