Phono amp and headphones for TT

Hey there looking for some advice first on headphones for listening to vinyl on a rega p6. I mainly listen to hip hop, blues, funk, soul, jazz ( mainly hip hop though and the rest is digging for samples) I don’t require an overly exaggerated bass response but the bass quality is important to me, as is vocal reproduction. I would prefer closed back as my wife sometimes watches tv in the same room I listen in. ( unless you think I’d be fine with open) my budget is around 5-800 dollars but could stretch a little if need be.

Then I need advice on a phono stage and amp ( I’ll get a dac at a later time I mainly use the TT for now) to drive whatever headphones are suggested, my budget here is about 1500 so total budget overall is 2300 for amp phono and headphones. I appreciate any advice in advance.

Well i dont own any heaphones andy post is likely moot. But i have a uturn orbit turntable with their small external pre amp they works great with my stereo. My friend who worked in stereo retail in the 90s swears by koss. We bought my father a set of koss headphones to replace his beat ass bose head phones he had been using for years. WHY DID MY FATHER END UP WITH BOSE HEADPHONES?. hes a deaf adorable old man that has blasted hifi to the extreme along with shotguns and rock concerts too long. My dad said they sounded great. I too have heard them. I agree. I dont blast shot guns but have been to rock concerts. But believe my eats are on point. koss. I think the set we bough were around 85 dolllars. May be a good first look