Phono Preamp: Tube or Solid State: Opinions?

I’m looking to change up my listening arrangement when it comes to my turntable. I had it connected to a Yamaha 2-ch receiver with speakers but I’m taking that out of service for the time being. I want to connect the TT to a headphone amp instead.

I have a Jotunheim but with the USB DAC module. I can swap that out for the phono card and go that route. Or I could buy a Lyr with the phono module and go the tube route. Cost for doing either option is of no concern to me.

I’m curious to hear what others would prefer to listen to vinyl records through. Do folks prefer to hear records through a tube amp or a solid state amp?

Interested in these, as I’m intending to enter the vinyl world beginning next year. I had the idea of getting a Schiit Mani and splitting the output to 2 different amps. Steve Guttenberg says a lot of good stuff about it.

I am probably a little late.
Since you are apparently a big Schiit fan, I would recommend the MANI.
Tubes can hardly provide the necessary amplification factor for phono, that’s why they are always used in conjunction with step up transformers. All the cheap constructions have little to do with a real tube preamplifier. Below 1000$ there is little sense in using tubes in phono preamps.

What kind of Phono Cartidge do you have? What type of Cart do you want to upgrade to in the future?