Pi2AES sounding bad [fixed]

I got both devices and I ran in t something that should not be. On Pi2AES, with separate 850Euros linear power supply, with local files, no USB… the best possible condition in short, it sound worse then an iFi Zen with cheap 50$ PSU via Bluetooth AND wireless network. Sound is not only clearer, but deeper, with more space presentation. Is the Pi2AES that bad, are hats that bad, or I am missing something here?
I was thinking about an INC Canada transport board with re-clocker board, but I would really hate to 1000$ to be outclassed by a 175$ device again.

It was dumb but I chose to reply instead of delete the post because hopefully others can learn.
When I put together the streamer, naturally I also put the heat sinks on the Raspberry Pi . The exact heatsink is in the picture. due to cables going out of the unit on 2 sides, it stood in the back of the rack turned 90 deg sideways, and as soon as the Raspberry Pi got hot for the firist time the adhesive literally melted and the heatsink fell in inside the enclosure creating a small short-circuit somewhere. Funny thing is that it was never a hum or a buzz to indicate that, it was just dull, lifeless. I discovered it just becasue I accidentally connected the Zen Blue and could A/B and since the Zen Blue was so much better I took the streamer out of my rack. Now everything is good, and sound is far better.
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