Pick 2 Headphones Sub 600$ to play DOOM

By doom I mean an fps immersive experience, don’t get to hang on the Mick Gordon’s soundtrack

Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon and Focal Elegia

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Eh… I wouldn’t say the elegia in this case.

Definite +1 for the nighthawk for doom

Dooms a bass lovers game… look into Fostex tr-x00 line you can find them here and there… purpleheart has the most satisfying bass, Emu Teak V signature and quite lovely, T50 RP Argons, maybe the Aeons, potentially the upcoming Fidelio X3(not fully out yet said to be next month though x2hr was an extremely warm good sounding headphone).

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why did you pick the T50rp if the T20rp has a warm sound signature compared to the neutral sound signature of the T50rp?

It is really just a question. I am not denying or trying to oppose you or anything, just wondering.

Damn, I took a look in these Fostexs you mentioned, I really wish Massdrop would import to my country.

T20RP would work but its a closed back with more bass… If you want massive amounts of bass I suppose this can work as well I am just not a fan of that much it sound rather bloated or muddy to me personally. T50RP Argons are a different tuning though and have quite a lot of low end which is very lovely.

I tried the elegia on Doom. It was amazing! To.say otherwise means you haven’t tried it.

Extremely subjective and jumping to a conclusion. I just found other headphones better for this game in my opinion.

I chose Elegia mainly because on my setup it worked very well for single player immersive gaming

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I mean, I won’t deny it’s very good for immersion just in dooms case? Hell I would take something like a fostex or argon any day of the week. Elegias are still really nice though