Picking Between two headphones

So i’m trying to pick between the hd58x and the dekoni blues I know they are both good I have the hyper x cloud 2s right now so either one will be a big upgrade. Also I am using a old receiver as a amp for the headphones

So, what do you listen to, and are you planning to get an amp down the line?

I mostly listen to edm and I also do a good amount of gaming as well. Yeah I was thinking about an amp as well If I need one

Gotcha, I think the dekoni might be more up your alley then imo for the music you listen to, but I think you would want to grab an amp like a magni 3+ for them if you wanted them to sound their best

Thanks yeah I can probably save up for a bit longer to be able to get the amp as well

These headphones are 250$ right now. Have you found them cheaper?

every place that is not dekoni themselves, sells them for 200 or less