Picking headphones for different music styles and gaming

Hi, this is my first post here, found this forum after watching Z reviews, thanks to him! I already have some experince in audio, i’ve listened to many headphones with good amps and sources (hd800/700/660, akg812/702, th-900, staxes and so on), at one moment I sold all my stuff for about 2k$, because it didnt worth it :sweat_smile: Also I could only listen to it while sitting at my desk, and I wasnt able to game with it, coz auralic DAC caught EVERY noise like power supply, graphics card and so on. Now i want to be more accurate and wise. I’ve understood that if you want one perfect headphones, they will probably cost you a lot.
Now I need headphones under 250-300$ which will be good for my music taste (Radiohead, U2, Orbital, Aphex Twin, Massive attack, Portishead, Depeche Mode, Recoil, Kraftwerk, Front 242…and tons of old 90s electronic, but no metal or classic) and games (squad and others). Most likely I’ll buy extra pairs in the future, because sometimes you want different sound, you all know it :slight_smile: I consider buying 58x for this purposes, what else do you reccomend (maybe as second pair)? By the way I also need closed pair for the street (dont like iems :grimacing: ) same budget but its not a priority now.
The second qustion is what will be the source? I need 1 box, which is capable of everything like coonection to ps4, PC, android (via otg and ldac/aptx HD). I found only one thing in my budget (under 300$ too, maybe a bit more expensive) it’s xduoo-xd-05 plus with the bluetoth adapter. It seems to be a perfect solution, it will suit all headphones, which I can afford. I can even listen to it after carantin ends here in Moscow, the only question is, how reliable USB-C input is there (i’ve read bad comments on Amazon about it)? 90% of the time it will be placed on the desk, other 10% it will be used as a portable device in different rooms, or on the street.

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Can you stretch the budget to 350$? The Hifiman Sundara is pretty great all rounder. fantastic sound. neutral with great treble and bass extension. very good detail and imaging for 350$

For closed back portable you cant beat the Meze 99. The Noir is only 200$ off Massdrop.

yeah, it’s possible, also I can listen to them before buying. Do you know how are they compare to 4xx, can I make a judjment on 4xx sound if i listen to Sundara?

Their a big step up from the 4XX.

Thank you, I will definetly try them when corona dies :joy:

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If you can get them off of Amazon? then yes

Why exactly Amazon, you mean it’s better to buy only new planar magnetic headphones, not used?

You can return them if you don’t like them if bought of off Amazon :+1:

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other headphones to try are the 880, 990, and pparetnlynow the beyerdynamic tygr. the sundara is pretty good as well another one to watch out for and try is the akg k712

I’ve listened to beyerdynamic headphones (990s if im not mistaken), for my ears they are too bright and a bit dry. Maybe they are good for monitoring… Akg 712 are good ones, defenitely need to remeber how they sound when I come to audioshop

since you are in europe the 712 should be fairly priced as well. I really like them for rock and metal.

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