Pink Floyd detail retrieval question

On The Great Gig in the Sky @ 3:36 mins does she sing “if you hear this whisper you are going to die”?..need better headphones lol :beers:

Yup, very clearly on my sacd version

Cool thanks…funny i’ve listened to this album 1000’s of times and only tonight I heard that…how strange :thinking:

I never knew that either just popped in my oh10 and yep there for me too.
I have always wondered what they are saying on the track Sheep the noise and distortion makes it so you just can’t make it out.

On the sheep thing now…and no i’m not welsh either (sorry a bit of uk humour) there lol

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Don’t know if the cd has it, but the Animals album used to have a lyric sheet with it. It had that whole “lords prayer” part written out on it. It was basically the sheep being lead to the slaughter until they rise up and master the art of karate. Then they’ll make the bugger’s eyes water.

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Actually after listening again I think it says “I never said I was frightened of dying”


Yep x2 after more listening P1’s are good in the detail department :+1:

Yep sounds like that to me too but it’s mic’ed strangely?

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If I remember correctly, Roger sang it through something called a Voxcoder. Some kind of early synthesizer effect thing. Might be Vocoder. Anyway, it was something along those lines.

Do you mean a vocoder? Typically vocoders were/are used for communication for compression, encryption and multiplexing. They were then used to transform vocals and sounds for music. Still a commonly used technique

That’s what I hear too. Wild to hear something new in a song I’ve heard 1000 times

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I’ve noticed it but always heard it as what ohmboy heard it as, and only now really noticed it was actually something else, but I really haven’t listened to that song that much

I think you know what this means…

You can hear it on youtube too. @ 3:33.

Lol… at least I can hear it… with my T50RPs… and my Atom… at high gain… at max volume… and I’d need more gain to confirm (or something more detailed).