Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-FS52 Towers $69.99 ea

what a deal, have you heard them before? who is Andrew Jones?

Andrew Jones is a speaker designer. He has worked for KEF, Infinity, Pioneer, and currently works at Elac. He is very well regarded and his designs typically are great for the price. Also worked at TAD too I think

So he’s the king of the $150 speaker?

Idk about that, but he is budget designs are pretty good. I’ve heard the bookshelf versions of these, and they are pretty nice, especially for the price (SP-BS22-LR). There is more competition in the cheaper speaker realm now, but these still hold up for sure

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I don’t know much of anything about “cheap speakers” since a grew up with a boomer audiophile dad who had no problem spending $15,000 on a “entry level” system. $500 for the Klipsch RP-600M is a good “cheap” speaker to me, even though I know that’s not cheap to any sane person.

Sold out. I’ve heard them in a Frys Store. Run $129 each most places

8:40 mark

He’s Done everything from Budget to $80,000 speakers

On Sale $99 each at Frys

do you live near a frys? the one I have in Oregon is out of everything they don’t have anything in stock, i’m wondering if its the same at their other stores. We only have one fry’s in the NW.

I wonder what makes a speaker actually worth $80,000 besides the story and the fancy speaker box. I feel like you could make a pretty bad ass tower speaker with some high end car audio stuff for a fraction of the price.

We have 3 Frys in Dallas Tx area

$80K ? Makes No Sense to Me. Kinda like Caviar… $5K speakers make no sense to me…

Dallas has awesome electronics stores, my cousin lives there, I just walked into Fry’s, still jack shit on the shelves.

Your paying for all the engineering, r&d, facilities etc. gone into making it then take that money times 2 at least and many other factors. Is super high end audio gear ever worth what it cost…? Nope. But it the people that can afford it don’t care, many times its a status symbol more than anything.

I just think speakers have some seriously diminishing returns at a certain point price point. I can understand spending $80000 for a full 7.2.6 set up but $80000 for two speakers! You could do a balling home theater that would sound incredible for that amount. I will say Martin Logan electrostatic are speakers worth the huge price the command, I’ve heard nothing like that before.

If anyone is looking to do a budget surround setup these are still a great choice. I’ve owned the floor standing, center, and subwoofer of this series for a few years now and have been quite happy with them.

Back on Amazon @ $99 ea.