Pioneer PD-T310 auto plays when connected to power source

I have a Pioneer PD-T310 Twin tray CD player from 1992. Problem is, as soon as I plug it into a power source, it automatically plays whatever CD is in the tray. If there is a power outage, and power comes back on, it starts playing automatically. I don’t want this. Anyone know if this can be turned off?

Could the Play button be “fully on” or bottomed out so takes the play command as soon it has power?
Or the “bottom end” under the button is fully downed.

I’ll double check that, but the Play button seems to be fine. I actually have two identical CD players of this same model and they both do this. It seems to be a programming issue.

It’s possible always.
In the CD era, i usually placed cd’s In after Power was On.
Before stopping i took the CDs out, placed them in cd-rack and powered player off.
Does it auto-play if power is on and you place a cd in ?

Yeah. If you place a CD in, it will auto play.

If the unit is off, you turn it on, it will auto play (without having to press Play).

It’s not a major issue, more of an inconvenience. I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to find a free user manual for it, there might be something there.