🔷 Pioneer SE Monitor5

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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Closed Back

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These seem to have slipped well under the radar.
I managed to pick up a set at a healthy 40% discount and at that price I consider them a major bargain.
Definitely not for bass heads as they’re pretty neutral and bass is definitely best with the pleather pads rather than the velour ones.
But if you’re after a fast, neutral and detailed closed back they’re well worth hunting down if you can find them.
Anyone else a fan of these ?


So I liked these when I briefly heard them, pretty solid. IMO I think they screwed up the se master1, but the monitor 5 is very solid, glad you are enjoying them, also pretty good discount :+1:

It’s nice looking headphone. I’d get a pair if they had lots of bass but it sounds like they don’t. For closed back I’m using Spirit Torino Radiante which is very bassy.

Interesting. I didnt know Pioneer had their toe in the audiophile biz. Checked their site and they have a number of interesting nice looking headphones. Their Hires offerings include:





I am not a fan of most of their lower end stuff from when I have briefly tried them at various big box stores. Also pioneer has been doing headphones for a really long time

They have been in for awhile lol

Ouhhh these are pretty, in a subtle kinda way

Thanks for your post. They’re still around £700 in the UK, but they look great to me. Will keep an eye out for discounts. :+1:

I’m surprised at the lack of attention. Would be good to see more headphones in the £250-£1000 range. Sometimes feels like HD 6–, LCD2C, and DT 1990 Pro dominate recommendations.

(Disclosure: I have the DT 1990 Pro, used to have HD 650.)

I wonder if there discounts are on old stock or new?
Found a site with them at £550 but currently out of stock here if its of interest.

They do take forever to run in though and sound way better once they have.
I bumped into one of the original design team behind this headphone at canjam in london (on the oBravo stand) & the first thing he said was “have they run in yet?”…he recommended at least 200+ hours and he’s not wrong!!
Link to one of the few reviews i managed to find online.

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Yeah i know most likely they have, but a lot of companies like Pioneer make headphones usually for the regular consumer that wouldnt even think of spending over 50$ for a headphone lol.

I got them for 500 USD new. And they are pretty relax but very detailed sound. The base is well defined but not very deep. Also they have an amazing sound stage. Great for late night music listening.

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