Planar IEM recommendations

So I was hoping to gather peoples thoughts on planar IEM’s. I’m particularly interested in what everyone has to say about Audeze iSINE10’s & iSINE20’s. Also possibly get recommendations based on price. So like an entry level being set at like 150-175 USD and then higher end being above 300 USD.

I had the iSine 20 for while and sold them for something I assumed would be better, and now I’m trying to get hold of another pair due to me missing them. They’re not the most comfortable, however they do have a really enjoyable rich sound. The plastic housing was a major concern for me, they didnt feel like the then £600 price tag. There’s plenty of reviews around these days, but thats my tuppence! :smiley:

Would you settle for the iSine 10 @ $150? Not trying to sell or anything, that is just the current price on the Auduze website and I’m trying to decide if I want to make the purchase.

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I’ve been an owner of the iSine 20 since of its’ release in Feb 2017. They’re not a plug and play desktop solution, but apparently they’re pretty nice using the Cipher Cable. I wouldn’t know since I don’t have an apple device with a proprietary connection to use it with.

The iSine 20 does measure ruler flat from 20hz to 20khz if one were to press the tip of the housing against a WM-61A capsule microphone without a cipher cable. Which is quite impressive, but it doesn’t take into account the rest of an ear canal. Which results in quite an undesirable frequency response which you can see here. That hump in the upper mids makes it sound like music is coming out of a tin can, but some people are ok with it.

The iSine 20’s potentials are amazing, such as having sharp imaging, big soundstage, super low distortion, unbelievable sub-bass and basically being weightless. Which is why there are EQ settings for them lying around.

The housing is solid, the logo on the iSine 20’s do chip over time so they have to be babied in this regard. The cables suck, they don’t help in any way to reduce microphonics, so the cable clip is highly recommended. The cables also bend and hold its’ shape for a while which is really unfortunate. If you are going to buy the iSine 10’s or 20’s, make sure they’re new. You will want to register the earphones for the warranty as there will be a possible driver failure. One of the drivers died on the first 6 months but a certified Audeze repair location offered to replace it for free. Even when they simply accused of the right side being quieter than the left side, which is an outright lie.

The opposite end of the spectrum would be a Koss KSC-75. It’s $15, lots of distortion, comfortable and I honestly use it as much as the Audeze iSine 20.

Thanks very much for the info I just bought some isine 10s on sale for $150. That is a pretty good deal for what are essentially $350 earbuds. Hope they get here quickly I’m pretty hyped.


Actually, I also bought them last night! I decided to pull the trigger and I’m really excited to get them.

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Love my iSine 10s with the Cypher Cable playing from iPhone X. It sparkles all the way down to sub-bass, vibrating my nostrils. And yet not painful volume. Just big. You can download their EQ app to add more fun. Not as much a fan with the 3.5mm plugged into an amp. Just ordered the Topping DX7s from Drop, and will see if that does anything new for the 3.5mm.

The isine 10’s are really nice loving them a whole lot!!!

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I have a slightly used pair of isine 10s if anyone else wants a pair for cheap. Not bad at all. I do not have a apple device for the cipher cable which they claim really helps the sound signature. I have used EQs and amps and a combination of setups to pair with them. While they are not bad, I cant justify keeping them when I have other in ears that sound better. I’ve been wanting to purchase a pair of the toneking planars on a budget level to try. They are a legit in ear style universal monitor I think they’d be more comfortable. I’d also if money were no object love to try unique melodies set. I’d sale my isine 10s with original packaging and all accessories and such for 100$ buyer pays shipping.

Tin P1 is coming in near future its planar and looks nice maybe wait for them becouse tin does is job right

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Yeah im getting the Tin P1’s as well i want to test them against my Isine 10’s I think im going to like them both for different things.

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The Monolith M300’s are on sale for $99 right now.

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