Planar Play-Offs

Today marks the start of the Planar Play-offs. There are three contenders:

  1. HiFiman Sundara’s. Old faithful.

  2. HiFiman Edition XX’s. These lost to the Sundara’s back a while ago. I had a deal to sell them, but I noticed a problem on one pad. Turns out I needed to replace it. I had to buy from HiFiman and I had to get a pair. And I have Never seen a headphone that screams more for Dekoni Nuggets than these. It took two months to get them, but I did. Now the XX’s will be competing at their very best.

  3. Audeze LCD-2 Classic’s. Just got these last month. I was initially very pleased. Unfortunately for them the CFA Cascades arrived two weeks later and blew my mind. When I went back to the Classic’s, they seemed disappointing. Now they get a fresh start.

I don’t think I need three pairs of planars, but I’ll find out in a month or two.


First thought, after two days, was they are remarkably similar. I did not expect that. I am using the Liquid Platinum and of course the LCD-2 Classic’s are the easiet to drive.

This afternoon, I inserted the Schiit Loki into the equation and was a little surprised: With the bass cranked up, the XX’s became bass canons, kind of (:smile:). They are the bassiest of the headphones so far, but the mids seem a bit recessed or just softer.

The difference with the Classic’s was Very nice. I did have to turn down the bass and the volume from working with the XX’s. Bass is great, the mids are pretty good and the treble is soft. Great combo so far! :+1:

I know the Sundara’s so well I will just concentrate on the other two for the next few days. Fun way to spend the days. :laughing:

PS: I think I am getting emoji happy.

Just to update, there is now a fourth planar in town…