Planar recommendations? <$1000

I’m looking for recommendations for planars that are under $1000, though if you have recommendations above that then it would still be good to hear. I recently got to try out the LCD-2 Classic, Fostex t60rp, Hifiman Sundara and Hifmana Ananda. I personally thought the Ananda sounded the best, is that a good choice? I currently have the 1990 and I quite like the diffuse field sound signature.

Hi I also have the DT 1990 Pro and aim for the Ananda. Have heard the Audeze Lineup and prefer the Ananda over LCD 2C. Also because of looks. What a pretty thing!
Right at the moment at Drop you get a planar for 600 Dollar - the Hifiman Edition XX
Problem with Hifiman is, that they bring out new models every year. If you want to keep your Headphones, ok. But if you always want the new toy the moment something comes new to the market - buy a Hifiman used with a bit of rest-guarantee or from someone you trust.

Audeze hold the value better.
Maybe have a look at the Sendy Audio Aiva - you get it for under 700 and sounds quite good from reviews I read at headfi, Zeos, and others on youtube

If you don’t want to spend a lot and want a taste of good planars the Verum One are amazing at their price point (sound wise). As per the Hifiman Ananda, I tried them and I liked them more than the LCD2-Classic, but it was mainly preference over the sound signature.

wow what a coincidence! I wouldn’t say I’m one to jump and want to try all the new stuff right away so if I get the Ananda, I’ll definitely be keeping it. The Aiva does look nice, but I think i’d like to try them first cause from z’s sound demo they sound like they’re lacking a bit of the high end for me.

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i feel the same about the sound, and also those lcd 2 classics are so friggin heavy…

I don´t believe in sounddemos but watch them also :slight_smile:

the only way is to play the source track and then the same track over the headphone/speaker to have something to compare

i would prefer a comparison with a reference headphone and the new one with the test track in front

the youtube compression is also not helpful. So if a downloadlink to a recorded lossless file, would help but you never know… the microphones could be bad arranged or the seal with closed back cans is not ideal…

I personally really enjoy the Aeon Flow Closed, I’ll probably get the opens this summer to compare. It is extremely comfortable since the pads are actually shaped like ears instead of a circle. The only problem I have with them is the upper-mids seem to be a bit more relaxed than I would like, but this is only on a few songs and I don’t notice it often.

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I’m actually a bit curious about this, especially since the Hifiman Edition XX is currently available.

I have the Ananda. Worth the money. Great detail, open sounding, precise, very balanced.


Thank you everybody for the comments :slight_smile: . I ended up getting the Ananda, and so far I have to say I’m very pleased with the purchase!

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I am currently trying to decide on a new headphone and the ananda is on my short list but I’m concerned about the low end particularly sub bass. I’m not a bass head but I do like a little rumble. What’s your opinion on the bass on the ananda?

It’s not really bad or anything, but just lighter then you would think compared to the treble. As an alternative, if you want more bass but a bit less treble, the edition xx might be what you are looking for. Or in this price range, you might be able to pick up an edition x v2 used