Plantronics RIG 800HD

Hello everyone,
i got almost none knowledge about headphones and stuff, i’ve mostly used cheap headphones and got the RIG 800HD last year. I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced them, cause i got no idea if they would be considered bad, decent or even good (and i lack of good comparisons with other headsets)

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Well Plantronics are a brand that are known for making utility headphones. like for call centers and such. I dont hear about them often in hifi circles. I mean its the 800HD. Its the Sennhieser HD800 name fliped. so they gotta be good. right?

The rig 800hd are about 130$ right? for 20$ more you could get a Senhieser 58x. or a Hifiman 4xx. You want it for gaming? The Sennhieser PC37x is on sale for 100$ on massdrop. dont know if their better. Check out this list from The Master Switch website, their a great website with the best suggestions and lists:

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S ($150) came out with the highest recommendation. they reserve their top spot for the best price/performance everyman pick

Apart from the tacky aesthetic, they look very comfortable.

Have not heared them or anything about them, neither is a bad thing. Will keep my eyes open.

Thank you for you answers already. I already got the RIG 800HD, it’s really comfy. I was only wondering if another headset is the >200€ pricerange would “change my life” in terms of sound quality, imaging and stuff.