Please help fixing my brand new Asgard

Hello together,

so as some here might now, I got myself an Asgard 3 about a month ago. Been very happy with it until a couple of days ago.

Somehow no there is a weird noisy hissing sound within the headphones left channel.
I’ve tried diffrent cable, diffrent sources, DAC’s and headphones. Nothing changes.
In low gain the problem is less prominent, still remainging tho.
When connecting the headphones to the pre-out on the back, I can not pick up on the sound.
Switching to Mono does not “mono” the hiss, it remains on the right side.

Is there anyone who has an idea about how to deal with this, as I would very much like to not return ne unit because the shipping from germany is quite high.

Thanks a lot!

power. try a different wall socket for the power wart or if you have a UPS, plug it into that and see what happens.

I’m with @Marzipan here. You’re either dealing with a grounding/power/environment/interference issue or a defective piece of hardware. My Asgard 3 is about as old as yours, and it is exhibiting nothing that you describe so it shouldn’t be something characteristic of the model…

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Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I also did that. Diffrent sockets and diffrent power chords…

@Blackscreen Grounding and interfirence was also my first idea. I do not have to much experience in that reguard because I neer had problems. What I did is to take the Asgard away from my desk, have it standalone on my night stand with nothing around but it’s own power and my phone feeding it.
Anything else I could do? I head about people putting heavy stuff on top of amps?

Maybe contact Schitt :man_shrugging:

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Considering everything you’ve mentioned you’ve already done to troubleshoot, this may be where you need to go…

Alright, seems like this is not a common problem. So the last I can do is to hope from a good deal of Schiit… To bad

I had this problem and sent it to them for repair and it came back with a note saying, “no problem found.” After many more emails, I got them to replace the unit. No issues anymore.

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Thats kinda what I am afraid of since it’s not a huge error but a rather minor annoince that just should’nt be there.

Also now I have the Asgard at a yet other setting and it seems to be only occuring every other time, kinda inconsistent…

Same here, but with a Violectric V280. Had to be an internal grounding issue, but Violectric couldn’t hear it. Returned and moved on.

Could order one of these just to see if it fixes the problem and then return it if you want to.

This was the last thing I tried and it didn’t work. Also one of those mains purifiers.

Yeah, if that doesn’t help then it has to be an issue with the unit.

Can you clarify this statement? Also, just for the hell of it, you said you tried a different headphone cable but are you using a 1/4 inch to 3.5 mm adapter or something like that you haven’t changed? What you describe seems like ground but it’s best to be thorough.

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This If the unit is new or has warranty.

It does and would be my ultimate move, but I try to avoid it because of customs, 50$ shipping and waiting times I’ve dealt with and will be dealing with again

Well I used diffrent headphones that all have diffrent cabels.
I used a RCA to Aux cable, connected the RCA ends to the Asgard Pre-Outs. WIth an adapter that has two female inputs I connected headphones to the cable and thus to the Pre-Outs. I noticed that the volume dropped, as the power out of the back is lower but was also not able to pick up the noise.

Okay that clarifies things. I’m surprised you did this because it’s not something that I would have tested since RCA outputs are not meant to directly drive gear, even something like a headphone but… if you didn’t hear the noise there, then forget about anything external being a factor, don’t bother buying anything to test with, you’re definitely looking at something internal with the unit.

Ground noise would be everywhere. You could have something as simple as a cold solder and tapping a soldering iron on certain components and connections on the PCB would fix it. Or you have a bad component which you’d have to send it back for.

It sucks to have to send new hardware back to the vendor.

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Quick update in case anyone has issues with the A3.

I texted Schiit, they replaced my unit, offerd to pay taxes and already payed international shipping (both ways). 3 days later I got my new Asgard. Props to this customer service!
No issues with weird noises yet.


Well, to give a finishing report: For whatever reason the same problem occured the next day. I just don’t get it because not a single change was made in my setup. I guess I’ll just live with it, as it is only audible in quiet songs or other applications such as discord, some games… on any song that is masterd to 0 dB I can’t really pick up on it.

Not really if you would upgrade / swap to higher tier gear ( or brand?) in some future timeline. :slight_smile:

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